Baltic Sea Philharmonic 2018 Planning

Working periods and concert tours 2018

For 2018, we are currently planning several projects including concerts at Kissinger Sommer (Bad Kissingen, Germany), Merano Music Weeks (Merano, Italy) and Usedom Music Festival (Peenemünde, Germany).

11 to 17 June 2018: Nordic Pulse Tour

  • In Germany and Switzerland
  • Soloist: Teo Gheorghiu, piano


1 to 10 July 2018: Nordic Pulse and Waterworks Tour

  • Concerts in Bad Kissingen, Germany

  • Soloist: David Nebel, violin

10 to 25 September 2018: Nordic Pulse Tour

  • Concerts in Meran, Italy; Munich, Germany; Halle (Saale), Germany; Peenemünde, Germany; Gdansk, Poland

  • Soloist: Mari Samuelsen, violin